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Managing your pcod (polycystic ovarian disease) - causes, symptoms and treatment for pco

Struggling with PCOD? Discover  Solutions and Strategies for a Healthier You!"

pcod / polycystic ovary disease -

General FAQ's  about PCOD :

What is PCOD problem?

What is PCOS and PCOD?

What are the symptoms of  PCOD?

What is the treatment for PCOD?

Is PCOD a disease?

What is polycystic ovaries?

So, all the above are the general FAQ's about PCOD. Let us go ahead ;

Initiation :

PCOD or PCOS is a most common problem today. And one of the most important and noticeable health problem in women. In this article we will go through this important topic regarding women health.This problem is clicking globally. In this article I will discuss about my personal experience with you. How PCOD troubled me? How I managed my PCOD and how I treated it? All your queries will resolve here.So let us discuss through.

What is PCOD?

 PCOD is a health condition of ovaries in women which is a most common health issue found globally.

full form of pcod :

PCOD means Polycystic Ovarian Disease. It is stated as disease because it causes various effects on your health, but it's not that much to be said to.

Anatomy of PCOD :

What happens in PCOD? :

As you better know that in the every month women have their menstrual periods or menses. According to the anatomy of women body, there is a pair of ovaries as a reproductive organ in female. The ovaries functions as to produce and release matured eggs for the process of fertilization in each month.

If we speak about a normal menstrual cycle of any healthy woman,there both the normal ovaries produce and release matured eggs in every menstrual cycle, each month aids in fertility. If that released eggs get ruptured and during that period if relation occurred, then there is a high chance of pregnancy. This cycle is totally depends on the hormonal balance of the body.

But what happens in PCOD?

The above anatomy fails in it. The process of reproduction not initialize in PCOD. Things not work properly. The disorder of the menses goes ahead and health conditions goes on changing, too many effects occur. And this condition is called as PCOD.

Why this happens? What are the causes? and what is the solution?

Everything Will be discussed. So let's move further ;

# symptoms of pcod :

As we discuss above the normal anatomy of regular menses. The things go wrong because of PCOD.

So what are the common symptoms of PCOD?

1. Irregular periods or absent menstrual cycle :

The monthly menstrual cycle gets disturbed due to the harmonal imbalance. And this happens due to the formation of multiple follicles in the ovaries. These follicles are called cysts. These cysts are those multiple immature and mature eggs that are produced due to the imbalance of hormones. In this condition male harmons are produced in higher level than the normal. That is why the monthly cycle gets disturbed and abnormality in your menses be detected. So that some women may face absent menses or some other may face excessive bleeding and irregularities.

2. Effects on Fertility / disturbed reproductive system :

Due to the disturbed menstrual cycle and multiple follicle production, it gets difficult to be pregnant. The irregularity of menses disturb the reproductive organs and the process of fertility becomes unsuccessful. Because of this disorder the ovaries could not function properly for the reproduction, as the process of ovulation gets disturbed. Ovulation became absent because of the cystic growth.

3. Obesity / excessive weight gain :

Because of the irregularities in menses and disturbed reproductive organs and the harmonal imbalance,body functions improperly. This cause too much weight to put on. The impurities of body allows the fat to stuck and reform in body. And body fat increases.  So because of PCOD the problem of obesity arises. And obesity aids too many other health problems like diabetes and thyroid.

4. Hair growth on face, upper and lower lip , chin, chest and back :

Because of the imbalanced harmon levels the appearance of excessive hair growth can be seen on face, chin back and buttocks. This is all because of the high male harmons. Females have estrogen and progesterone harmons. Women are also having testosteron harmon but it is in very low quantity. If the quantity of this male harmon increases, the disturbance made much impact.High levels of testosteron ( male harmon) leads to acne also. Due to this male harmon infertility problems occur.

5. Changes in skin tones / dark spots on body :

pcod not only affects inner body it affects your outer look too. As you know the appearance of excessive hair growth on face, chin and such delicate parts. It affects skin also. Due to pcod acne appears on your face. And the problem goes up to the skin to darken also. Mostly the parts that have folds. Especially neck, underarms and groin area. pcod and obesity made impact on your skin to apear darker on such delicate places of your body.

80 % of females having this skin problem because of pcod. 

Above are the most common factors found in pcod patients.

Is PCOD a disease?

PCOD is a negative health condition of women reproductive system that is why it is stated as disease. But it is not a disease.

Effects and Risk factors of pcod :

# Irregular periods / menses 

# Excessive weight gain (obesity)

# Difficulty in fertility (pregnancy)

# Changes in skin tone

# Hypertension and hair loss

# Hair growth on face, chest and back.

# Risk of Thyroid and Type 2 diabetes

# Risk of high blood pressure 

 polycystic ovaries :

What is polycystic ovaries?

Polycystic ovaries are the affected ovaries after the harmonal imbalance. In this case both the ovaries produce number of mature and immature follicles and formed as multiple cysts on to the outer edges of the ovaries. And that is why called as "Polycystic Ovaries".

What is the difference between pcod and pcos?

pcod and pcos (polycystic ovary syndrome)

are the medical conditions of reproductive system caused by harmonal imbalance. Both have identical cause factors but there is much difference in between them. The severity and the treatments are always be suggested accordingly. 

Let us understand the difference between both the conditions by the image below ;

# Causes Of PCOD :

There are some underlying causes of PCOD. Such as stress, hypertension, poor lifestyle, bad eating habits (fastfood and bakery products) leads to hormonal imbalance.

PCOD is not the problem to be cured in a short period. To overcome this problem, a health management is required witlh the proper consultation of specialized physicians.

It is possible to overcome this problem. Do not get panic after hearing and reading about PCOD. It is up to you that how you help yourself to overcome.

How PCOD can be treated? :

treatment for pcod :

PCOD is treatable and can be manage if you follow the essential things in your routine.

1. Healthy lifestyle :

Make changes in your routine can help you to overcome pcod. Change your daily activities accordingly. From your start to the end of the day a healthy routine. From the point what you eat?, what you drink?, what you do?, how much you active? Are some of the factors which affects over. So switch to the healthy way to live healthy.

2. Exercise and Proper diet :

You must follow proper exercise and diet. This will truely help you in your journey with PCOD. We will provide all the details about it in our next helpful article. Exercise will increase your metabolism and aids to balance your harmon levels. Whereas proper diet can help you manage your weight and balance your body functions.

3. Proper Medication :

Followed by proper healthy routine, balanced diet and daily exercise, you must take the initial consultation from your specialized physician. Consult gynaecologist for the proper guidence and treatment. If you take proper treatment, there is a higher chance of pregnancy by overcoming all the health obstacles.

Hope this information help you. Treat well. Be fit!

Our recommended PCOD / PCOS diet plan 👇

PCOD diet plan

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