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pcod health club - my journey with pcod from struggle to the miracle


                                                      My pcod journey

From struggle To The Miracle 


In our previous article we have gone through this topic which is now a days very much noticeable world wide. You can visit again to learn more.More about PCOD

In this article I am gonna tell you about my personal experience with PCOD. I hope this information will help you to your side. Right from the start I will share my experience and of course the throughout journey with pcod. I will share what I have gone through? What I chose to? And what I got apart from that?

So, I am sharing the very honest and authentic information with you. That will surely help you.

My first intro with pcod :

When I was just about 14 years old, when my first period or menstrual cycle appeared. The teenage years that I remembered very blinking. The first few years were gone properly with normal menses but the time came,when I faced difficulty for my menses. When I was 16 years old I found irregularity in my menses. My mom took me to the physician, where the problem discussed and  the medication has given. But the medication worked for a limited time. And the problem persist again. The thing cleared that this problem has to be treated in a specific strategy.

Medication :

The given medication helped me but to that specific level only. And the problem goes on persisting . The time came when I realised that only medication help me to have periods. Without medicine it became difficult. Then I was examined as PCOD patient. The gynecologist prescribed me the course  of three months that I completed. Then after few months of regular menses my pcod problem rises again.

pcod problem after marriage :

when I was 19 years old, I got married with a force person. To carry forward my education we decided for family planing. And I started to take medication for that. That time my period was regular because of the harmonal pills ( family planning pills) that I used to take.

Difficulty to get pregnant :

When we decided for a baby. I found my periods again irregular. We consult gynaecologist and treated so. The medications helped me to regulate my menstrual cycle for the few months. And I got treated for a baby. The follicular study of gynaecologist helped us and after a long period of four years I got the good news that I am pregnant!

That was a golden time for me. Because in my past what I have gone through that was not so easy for me. My pregnancy period was much good and I got my first son after a long wait - healthy and happy.

 Reappearance of PCOD :

The few months after my delivery I got my period regular for two or three months and again the imbalance continued. I found my weight putting on, dark spots, excessive hair loss, hair growth on face, chin and back side. This was totally a bad patch again for me. The harmonal imbalance have put me on that phase again. This time with weight gain and many of skin issues. I was just fed up. I was searching and searching for the ways, through that I can be relieved.

The Real strategy to follow for pcod :

I was just panic and confused about the ways I heard from others. What to do? was the big question for me. I used many other ways to manage this problem. Like homeopathy, ayurvedic medicines. Then a gynaecologist told me that I should be focused on my weight first and should balance my life style with some changes. Medication can't alone help me. Once I balanced my life style, the problem will not require any medication. Just changed lifestyle will change all. He told me some important things to follow.

Time to change life :

Now that was the time to act according. But how can I manage my weight. I used to perform workouts, but I need something effective for it. Then someone told me about a weight loss product which not only helps to manage weight but also it was good enough to resolve my PCOD problem. I just focused the word PCOD and not the word weight loss. And I seek the assistant for it. As this product is not be sold anywhere rather than there linked associates. I am not making there add. But this is the genuine review by my side. Because it has changed my life for some instance. Then I got that product ( Herbalife Nutrition ) and guided by their associates. I followed the life style changes according to their advice ( which I shared in my previous article - balanced diet).

I followed the workouts, the balanced diet and  took that product ( Herbalife Nutrition ) My recommended weight loss products for PCOD replacing my breakfast with that. And it worked within a month. I got my results. Not only in my weight but also in my menses. The throughout result was good enough - myself was totally changed. My skin, my hair, my overall appearance and of course the problem of PCOD was resolved 90%. My periods were regular and yes one more thing ; I got my second baby without any treatment. That was the thing which made me ecstatic.

So,there is no need to be sad and panic for PCOD. If you are willing to take steps, you may live happily with PCOD management.

Management in the sense, because you have to manage it throughout your life. It is manageable without medication also. What you have to do? Just follow the life style changes in a healthy way. If you failed to follow, the problem will persist again and again. And all the time you have to seek medical help which can help you for the particular time only in PCOD cases.

Impressions :

PCOD can be reversed. It just require a healthy lifestyle management. Just follow the regular exercise, balanced diet and the supplementes which help you to detoxify your body. And these changes in your lifestyle will have to follow in your throughout life. Fertility problems can also be resolved accordingly.

Note : For  PCOD management read my previous article to follow 👉 Balanced diet for PCOD 

So, this is all from pro-healthtwits. Hope this will help you for sure. Stay fit with Pro-healthtwits.

Follow my recommendations for the results you want.

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