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7 morning exercise for women at home - मॉर्निंग एक्सरसाईझ फॉर विमेन

7 easy morning exercise for women at home : good morning workout

morning exercise for women at home

Hi, all ladies. This article is made specially for your healthcare. Today's lady is farthest away and too much different than the ancient time ladies. The time have changed and of course the routines are also changed. Today there is lot much work - whatever is that home tasks or outdoor tasks ; there you required high energy levels. 

Nowadays the busy schedule and working stress made great impact on your health. For that you must take good care of your health. I know you may have very little time to do so. But it is very very important. Just an hour or half an hour you required. Health is wealth!

So what you have to do? Just perform the below easy good mornings workout. So let us start our morning home workout.

1. Breath hold exercise :

Dear ladies you just have to sit straight and be relaxed. Close your eyes and pose padmasana. Then take a long breath, remember not to breathe out quick. Just take a long breathe and hold for a while 30 to 40 seconds or as according to your breathe holding capacity. And then breathe out. Repeat it for five to ten minutes.

What are the benefits of breathe hold exercise?

This is mainly yoga exercise, the type of pranayam. You can easily perform at home. And benefits are helpful truely. Breathe in and out made the cardio circulation properly. It helps in detoxification. This exercise made you fresh throughout the day. It helps you in menstrual health also.

2. Toe touch exercise :

Another easy and simple home exercise for you pretty ladies. You just have to stand straight and bent down and try to touch your toes. Begginers may feel discomfort at first. If you are doing it very first time, you should do it slowly. Just try to reach up to the toes. If you can't reach the first very first time then stay on that level up to you bear. Daily practice will made it possible to reach your toes easily. You can also perform rotating alternative toe touches. That may add more effects on your workout. What you have to do? Just moving on that bending position alternate on each of the feet and touch with rotation. So easy na? Yes. Make it your daily habit.

What are the benefits of toe touch exercise?

This type of exercise will help you to relax your muscles and abdominal health. You may lose belly fat, if you perform it on regular basis. This exercise also help body elasticity.

 3. Bridge pose :

This exercise is also the helpful one. What should you do? Just lie down on your back. push your hands against gravitational force and try to raise your body upward facing to the sky. Firm your legs fixed and push against gravitational force. Remeber that both the lower and upper body should be in air by supporting legs and arms. At first it may difficult for you. That time just try to raise your body upward upto your capacity to raise and hold. Stay in that position upto you bear. Nearly 2-3 minutes or upto you bear. Not much than five minutes.

How bridge pose exercise is beneficial for you?

This exercise will help you strengthen your back muscles, chest muscles,glutes, thighs and ankles. Due to stretching of the abdominal area, you may lose belly fat. The result is really awesome. You may lose more calories. This is really helpful in  relieving your stress and fatigue.

4. Bow pose : (dhanurasana)morning stretching exercises

This exercise reminds us about bow or 'dhanush'. The posture of this exercise look like a bow. As it's name, the performa of the exercise shows like all the strength gathered with force in the centered position. The steps are not much difficult.

Just lie on the exercise mat facing to the floor that means on stomach. Feel streched and lift up your legs slowly as well as lift your hands to take hold your ankles. Hold your ankles tightly. Pull them to feel stretch in your abdominal and thigh area. You will feel stretched. During your hold, lift your heels away from the buttock and inhale.

What is your gain?

Bow pose exercise helps you to improve your digestive system and reproductive system. It is helpful in menstrual disorders. It also helps to improve flexibility of your body. If you are seeking for weight loss, it may help you to reduce abdominal fat, thighs fat and strengthen your chest, neck, shoulder and heaps.

If you have any type of neck injury and ulcer regarding problems, then do not perfom bow exercise.

5. Mountain Climbers :

It's name is enough to say. Mountain climbers is a simple and easy workout. What you have to do? Stand initially and bent down. Maintain distance between your legs and hands in that way to form a mountain like posture. Fixed your hands properly on the exercise mat. Maintaining the mountain posture slightly move your feet forward one by one in a quick manner just like you are climbing a mountain, but in a quick way. Slowly slowly increase your speed of climbing that means moving of your feet quickly upwards.

What are the benefits of mountain climbers exercise?

This exercise you can do easily at your home. The benefits are - as you speed up the climbing movement, your heart rate increases and that way you can burn more calories. This exercise strengthens your shoulders, back, arms and leg muscles. Also the pressure by pushing legs upward made the lower abdominal sides and core active to aid weight loss.

6. Lunge :

This is also a helpful exercise for your fitness pretty women. This exercise having many benefits. You will find it much simpler. What you have to do? Stand straight initially, then slightly bent with one foot apart from your hip. The onother foot should be in backward position with raised ankle. The foot which you have moved front will be firm on the floor. The knees are bent. Firm forward. Push off on both legs and step through. That means put pressure on the leading leg by your hands and feel the stretching of muscles.Then lift your back leg and do the same procedure again with it by interchanging the positions of both the legs.

How lunges are beneficial?

Lunges are helpful in strengthening the muscles. It improves metabolism. If you put variations to this exercise, then it will results far much better. Just like adding weight during your performance.


7. Butterfly :

This is the simplest and easiest home exercise ladies. And of course the most useful too. There is no need for much. Just sit relaxed and fold your legs in that manner that you can attach on foot with the other. Hold your toes with your hands and move your lap portion upside and down side alternatively. Slowly slowly increase the speed. It will feel like as if a butterfly is flying.

Benefits of butterfly pose exercise -

The butterfly stretch is so beneficial for you pretty ladies. It improves your reproductive system. Those who have menstrual disorders, will get much improvement. Patients with PCOS must perform this exercise daily. The balanced diet and daily exercise cures PCOD and PCOS This exercise also help to reduce thighs.

So, lovely ladies these are the 7 morning exercise for women at home.

Both men and women can perform these exercises. Both will get results accordingly. I have just help you to tell the most useful home exercises for women at home. I am confident and pretty sure, you will get the results you want.

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