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health club-how to keep your heart healthy?-how to protect your heart from threats

How to keep our heart healthy? / अपने हृदय को कैसे स्वस्थ रखे?

Initiation :

'Healthy habits are your heart's desire'.

'Do your part, care for your heart'.

'Be heart smart'.

Above all are not just the slogans. These are the most important tasks for your overall health. Much of your health is depend on your heart. How your heart is responding with your body, that is the important thing.

In this article we will discuss about the ways to keep our heart healthy. The risk factors, the actual conditions and the precautions are important to know.

Today, if we speak according to global percentage of heart problem; then this can be say that heart problem or heart related problems are one of the major health problems that are affecting throughout the world. And it is the essential task to focus on the causes of health related problems and work on it to keep our heart healthy.

Threat elements that make your heart unhealthy :

As you know today's life is full of unnecessities . Uncertain things happen. This hurried life made us too busy to forget our health necessities. And in such a conditions, we are loosing our health.There are some trigger points or threats that we must focus and protect our heart according.

1. Poor or unwell lifestyle :

Today we are busy making money for our lives. And we have very less time to treat ourself in a healthy way. But this is our big mistake and a huge loss. We perform such acts that precede us with a big deprivation. In our daily routine we always make mistakes. Our daily schedule make us somewhat apathetic. Physical inactivity also aids to the poor health.We forget the things to do on time. And this makes the foundation towards our health degradation.

2. Poor eating habits/ unhygienic food consumption :

Due to our inappropriate timings and unhealthy eating habits, we are destroying our guts and heart health. Fast food, instant frozen food items leads us towards decaying digestive system.         

 # High salt intake : 

If you intake salt in high quantity that means you eat salty food, then it would be harmful for your heart health. As high salt intake leads to high blood pressure that higher your chance to heart disease.

# High Colesterol :

High intake of Oily and processed food increases the risk of heart disease. The food items like butter, animal fat should be consume in a less quantity.

# Junk food consumption :

Again these food products increase your Colesterol level. This food is processed and having too much fat and sugar in it. The quantity of refined flour used in it affects your digestive track. And this leads to the poor health of your heart.

3.Drinking Alcohol and Smoking :

Bad habits like drinking and smoking can lead you the worst path. These habits increase your blood pressure and affect your heart rate. If the problem get severe, it may lead to heart failure. The unstable heart beats can cause weakened cardiac muscles.


4. Hereditary Problem :

Some heart problems are transformed by genetics. If your parents or near relatively person has heart problem, that may transferred in you by your genus.

5. Stress and hypertension :

If you feel stressed, your body generate too many harmons that acts unite and increases your blood pressure. This pressure causes the heart to beat rapidly and due to this blood vessels get narrower. It higher the risk of heart disease.

6. Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes and Heart disease are more connected things. Because the person who is having diabetes is most likely to have heart problems in his future. The person who are having diabetes generally high blood sugar that affects the heart in a greater level. The factors like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity due to diabetes can have strong effects on heart health.

7. Age factor :

Due to aging body functions slower down. Low body functions and decreasing heart rate causes cardiovascular diseases.

Best Ways to keep your heart healthy :

On the basis of your lifestyle activities, there are some ways to keep your heart engaging in heart friendly activities below ;

1#  Follow healthy routine with balanced diet

Keep yourselves always active. Try to manage your all daily needs on time. That means take  sleep on time, wake up early, have morning walk, eat heart friendly food. Boost up your metabolism. Wash out all the impurities of your body taking detoxifier. ( like green tea or ginger tea)

* heart healthy diet :best food for heart-

eating well is the main thing to focus. We must have heart healthy foods. What are such healthy must have?

# All leafy green vegetables  and fruits :

Every person should have leafy vegetables in their daily diet. The proportion of nutrients in them are good enough to maintain our heart healthy. Lentils, carrots etc are good enough.

Fruits such as berries like blueberry, blackberry, raspberries. And Kivi fruit are good source to keep our heart healthy.

# Include Dry fruits :

You must include dry fruits like walnuts, flax seeds, almond in your daily diet. As you know Walnuts contain Omega 3 fatty acid which is really good for our heart. So include it on daily basis.

# Specific type of sea food :

Sea food like salmon, tuna, mackerel and cod which are having Omega 3 fatty acids are good to protect our heart in a safe mode.

# Whole grain meal :

Cutting all the plane refined flour, we must have whole grain meal. Barley, Whole wheat supplement, quinoa, brown rice are such alternatives that are having heart healthy nutrients.

# Enough Protein :

We must include protein sources in our diet to maintain healthy heart. Eggs are a good source of protein for our heart. Beside that we can take lean poultry also. Now a days plant protein is a best supplement.

2#. Workout to prevent heart risks :

Just like being active and eating healthy, we must follow daily workouts. Being fit is the only way to keep our heart healthy going.

We can perform yoga and meditation to maintain our blood pressure balanced. And always be happy. Forget the stress. It will help our cardiovascular system to function properly.

3#. Timely medical check up :

One thing is more important that whatever the health problem is, even the minor health problem should not be neglected. Because later on that problem would be a critical one. So have timely health check up for your lovely heart.

4#. Stay away from preserved food items :

We must cut the preservative food items from our diet. Stay away from bakery products. Always consume fresh food items.

5# Stay away from bad habits -

like smoking, chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol. These habits can lead you towards too many disorders. So stay away from those and keep yourself happy with good heart friendly habits.

Impressions :

Our heart is the most important body organ. To keep it healthy we must follow a healthy life style with proper heart friendly diet and the essential workouts with no stress management. We must be away from bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol that can immensely high our blood pressure and damage our organs. So have good habits.

This is all from pro-healthtwits, Stay happy and live happy with your healthy heart.

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