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5 strategies to follow for balanced diet /Ideal diet for weight management / संतुलित आहार



             balanced diet



Initiation :

The most common topic we hear everywhere. What should we eat? What would be the best diet? What are the sources of healthy diet? What kind of food be consumed due to certain health problems? What kind of food should not be consumed due to some health conditions?
Too many queries regarding our diet. And of course the answers are not enough. It will require the actual actions and the management of your healthy diet. In this article we will discuss through the very important topic regarding your healthy eating.

What is the criteria to follow balanced diet?

To follow balanced diet we must form a criteria, according to that we should have to make a schedule and arrange a sequential diet management.

So Let us manage our balanced diet!

1. Start with a light sip / green tea :

When you wake up in the morning. Your diet should start with a small cup of green tea or any other light alternative of it like ginger tea.

How green tea is helpful for you?

Green tea will help you in detoxification of your body. And increase your metabolism. It aids in improving your skin tone.It will also help to feel fresh throughout the day.
It also promots weight loss.

In how much quantity green tea should be consumed?
Remember It has a caffeine in it. And excess of anything is not good, it may affect your sleep.
But a sufficient quantity of green tea will make a magic for you.
So, you may consume 2 or 3 cups daily, not much than that.

2. healthy breakfasts :

After a great start with a fresh morning walk and then green tea, you should do some of the  morning workouts and then the most important part of your balanced diet ; that is healthy breakfast!

As you know there is generally a basic division of our meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Out of these three, the most important one is your breakfast meal. It makes a big impact on your diet that what you are eating in your breakfast?

There is a simple and verified logic behind it. If your morning breakfast is nutritious and healthy then it will be enough for your daily meal needs. So that this should not be skipped. You must have your daily morning breakfast in a proper quantity. Healthy in the sense that there must be balanced nutrients in your food. Throughout the day, morning is the time when our body need much energy. And so that this need should be fulfilled in a proper way.

"What is healthy eating? health and nutrition are complimentary with each other. And every human must follow accordingly.
Healthy eating means whatever we eat that should be with balanced nutrients and upto our body requirements."
Let us see what are those diet foods.-

# high protein breakfasts :
It is the basic requirement of your balanced diet. You must take protein rich breakfast daily. There is a variety of protein rich food like whole wheat loaf, soyabin, cheese, yogurt, spinach, broccoli, eggs, sprouts, oats etc.
You can add such protein rich food items to fulfill your diet requirement.

👈 soyabins 

If you ask me, i used to take alternative protein food. Suppose today In my breakfast I took  corn flakesboiled eggs and roasted gram ; then to the next morning i would take soya or oats in my breakfast. So in that way you can manage your protein breakfast.
Make it your habit and let your kid's also.
So, have enough protein breakfast. Remember to take on time.

3. Nutritious Lunch :

After your protein rich healthy breakfast. Have your daily work. Do not eat anything like snacks in between. You can take roasted gram instead of heavy snacks.

In the afternoon for your lunch you must take vegetables and fruits with salad. You must include fibres in your diet like lentils, green leafy vegetables. Take whole grain food. You can add some quantity of protein again such as chicken or meat. ( Veggies also much better like green leafy vegetables - like spinach)
Just have that much suggested above. Just remember one thing that the quantity of lunch must be little less than the breakfast. So in that way you can manage your nutritious lunch.

4. Evening treat :

Do not take any snack having much calories. Instead of that you can have little popcorns or roasted grams. Or else the best solution is dry fruits and nuts. And of course a sip of green tea or else fruite juice.
Nothing much. Stay firm not to add anything more.

5. Adequate Dinner :

You may have hear that "have breakfast like a king and have dinner like a begger."
Follow the lines.
Take very less quantity of food. Do not take heavy, high calorie dinner.
Choose a very light dinner. Such as veg soup, boiled eggs, chicken soup. And those who are having over weight, can just have salad in their dinner.

So this is all about your balanced diet. Follow the sequential diet suggested above for your weight management and pro-fitness.

Many of you all are much concious about your weight management and balanced diet and always seek for helpful info regarding it. If you ask me, I manage my diet by the above discussed way. Many of us sometimes become too crazy to manage our diet and so we keep on doing too many things like making diet charts and all. But trust me there is no any need to make diet chart and all. You just have to follow and remember the above stated diet strategy. Believe me it works.
Stay healthy with Pro-fit healthy twits.

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