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10 Easy morning workouts/daily morning exercise

Morning exercise / morning workout :


personal care - for our personal care and hygiene, we must follow healthy lifestyle. Everyone should maintain their daily routine with proper workout and balanced diet.

 Below are some simple morning exercises. Let us start our morning workouts.

10 Easy morning workouts /daily morning exercise :

1. Morning Speed walk :

Start your morning with dynamic move. Wake up early and go for a speed walk.This will boost your stamina throughout the day. And the system of blood circulation of your body work properly. Here we go.

( Speed up your walk according to your health conditions. That means speed up to that level only which can be bearable.)

2. Warm up exercise :

After your speed walk rest a while for five to ten minutes. Be relax and start your warm up again with the very simple and easy moves. Start with the neck exercise moving in a circular clock wise and anti clock wise manner. Five rep's each. Then start shoulder moves circularly backwards and forward five rep's each. And then hand moves! Hold your hands straight and move them circularly 5 rep's. (rep's -repititions)    Then hand push exercise. Hold your one hand straight infront and fold your another hand and push towards your chest that hand by overlapping it. Now your body get warm and you are ready for the next workout.

Due to warm up exercise our body gets warm and our muscles feel relaxed.

3. Crunches / belly fat morning exercise:

This workout is most useful for your body. My one of the personal favourite exercise. To perform this exercise follow the steps -

A. Lie down on the exercise mat. B. Fold your legs. C. Move up your hands towards your head and hold your head backward by both your hands. D. Slowly push yourself towards your knees by pushing your head and upper body. And get back to the previous position again. Repeat this act for 10, 20,30,40,50 times according to your body. To beginners this will take some time to reach more repititions. At start he/she as a bigginer could not reach the perfect level. But the daily practise will achieve the goal soon.

Begginers may feel some discomfort at start because this workout of Crunches gives pressure to the stomach muscles and upper body as well lower body abs. The daily practices make it easier time by time and the result will be seen very soon.

Crunches gives shape to your lower body and upper body. It relaxes your stomach muscles as well chest muscles too. Your abdomen get streched after each rep's of crunches and it has a good impact over your body shape. To loose abdominal fat crunches are really helpful.

4. Squat :

Squat is very helpful lower body exercise.    To perform this exercise or workout just  follow the steps given -

a) Stand a while then bend down on your knees and heap just slightly forward side. b) Then fold your hands joined and hold on. c) Stay in that position for five to three to five minutes. Add sit ups for more effects. Repeat this five times. Beginners can lower their timings. But as your practices goes up, you must increase your time span. Along with the hold position you may tap up your feet and jump over. This will also create more effective workout.

Squat is a workout that is very helpful to increase your body stamina. It gives more impact on your lower body parts. Specially your legs and heap area. The daily practice of squat will shape up your waist and heaps. The muscles of your legs and thighs get streched and relaxed. It is very effective workout as like crunches for weight loss.

5. Plank :full body morning exercise:

   This workout /exercise is having a great potential and impact.Hold on to look more changes in your body. Plank is a full body workout /exercise. Let us start with the followed steps -

a)  Lie with facing position towards the     floor mat. b) stretch your body parallel to the floor with a slight push through your hands. c) Raise your body upward straight in push through movement by your hands. And stay on hold. All the body muscles will get streched. You may feel slight discomfort at your abdominal, shoulder and heap area.

Plank workout helps to maintain and loose weight. It also help to increase stamina. It performs full body workout.

6. Push ups : morning stretching exercises

 Push ups are body stretching exercise. The steps to be followed are below

a) Lie down facing towards the floor. Take the position same like plank exercise. b) Then pushing up through arms slightly raise your body upside. c) Stretch your arms and turn back down. Repeat the process with speed as much as you can bear. Do it for five minutes. Beginners can lower the timings. As your practice grows, increase the timing.

Push ups are helpful in full body workout. It boosts weight loss.

7. Jumping Jacks :

This workout/exercise is also the type of full body exercise. What to do. Like it's name you have to do.

Standing position then hold your hands straight with up and down position of your hands. Jump over and over making pyramid. That means while you jump  maintain some distance between your legs and join the distance while jumping back again.10 to 20 times rep's.

Jumping jack workout helps to boost your energy levels, it aids in weight loss and also performs as a good source for muscle relaxation.

7. Burpee :

  In this workout, followed by push up we have to jump up and start with push up again. The extra task of sit and jump is added to get much impact of the exercise.

Burpees are really helpful to burn excessive fats of heaps, thighs and abdomen.To burn excess calaries this workout is improves blood flow.

8. Pilates :

In this workout you have to follow the below steps-

a) Simply lie down on the exercise mat. b) move on one side. Keep fixed your hand on the floor on that side where you have turned. c) slowly raise your body upward on that side by pushing your hand. The other hand would be straight in air. d) Stay on that position for a while as much as you can bear. Repeat it to the other side. 5 rep's each side.

The benefits of pilates are - muscle stretching. It aids to reduce shoulder,arms and chest side fats.

9. Zumba workout :

This workout is exercise plus enjoyment. You have to perform the workout steps with soulful music. Nowdays this workout is very popular one. The addition of music made it enjoyable.

The benefits of zumba workout are appreciable too. This works on your whole body.

10. Yoga and Meditation :

Yoga is the traditional and trending way of workout. The various yogasanas /yoga poses are beneficial for our body. In that Suryanamaskar is having 12 yoga poses, that are helpful indeed for each and every part of our body. Perform yogasanas everyday with pranayam and breath holding exercise.

Meditation is the final part of our daily workout. Sit straight and close your eyes. Be relax and take a long breathe. Just be focused on your breathing. And stay as it is for three to five minutes.

Yoga and meditation are beneficial to improve our immune system. Meditation helps in building up concentration and relieves our stress. It makes our mind focused. Meditation can also be called as detoxifier of mind and soul.

Impression :

So, the above all are top 10 morning workouts/ exercises for fitness. Nowdays according to body needs - regarding any health condition or weight, these workouts are essential and beneficial. So above all are the healthy twits served by Pro-fit.

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